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MSc in Corporate Finance


The New Master of Science in Corporate Finance is designed to create a cadre of finance professionals with the necessary competencies for the effective management of organisations in a dynamic financial services sector. The programme will provide graduates who have never worked in the industry, with advanced knowledge and skills in financial analysis and management to enter the industry as securities specialists, risk managers, bankers, global financial managers, financial regulators, brokers, investment managers, and other key positions in the industry. It will upgrade the skills of mid-level professionals with the competencies and knowledge to move to the next level in the areas of financial management, risk management, investment management and general management of financial institutions.



About the Programme

The programme will:  provide cutting-edge training; contribute to the further development of a balanced financial services industry in the Eastern Caribbean in particular, the wider Caribbean and the rest of the world; expand the pool of highly-skilled human resources available to the financial services industry and corporations in the Caribbean; provide graduates with  access to innovative technology and approaches to sustainable financing used in decision making in the financial services industry; and provide opportunities for them to develop research skills in business which can assist them in building better more resilient organisations. 


Entry Requirements

Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree or equivalent from a university or college acceptable to the University of the West Indies with a GPA of 2.5 or higher and must have passed introduction to microeconomics, introduction to macroeconomics and financial management 1 or an equivalent finance course. Applicants should have a good grounding in quantitative subjects.  

Mature Matriculation 

Applications from non-degreed individuals, making up no more than 15 percent of each cohort, will be considered for persons with at least ten-years' experience in banking and finance and the following criteria: technical certificates or diplomas that can be assessed by the University of the West Indies; they successfully complete an interview conducted by a panel to include senior faculty in the School of Business and Management.  


Duration of Programme


Fifteen (15) months full-time offered over 4 semesters including the summer period. Students will take four courses per semester. 



Twenty-one (21) months part-time over 6 semesters including the summer period. Students will take two courses per semester. 



Programme Structure

Eleven (11) courses of three (3) credits each and either an independent study (3 credits) or an internship (3 credits) in the final semester 

Award Type Graduate Degree


Award Type

Course of Study