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School of Health and Behavioural Sciences



The School of Health and Behavioral Sciences will create an exciting and rich learning experience to facilitate the B.Sc.N Program. Our nurses will be recognized nationally, regionally, and internationally for their excellence. They will be prepared to lead in Nursing Education and Advanced Nursing Practice and engage in scientific, scholarly inquiry, and critical thinking skills. Our nursing educators, clinicians, researchers, and support staff are committed to producing the next generation of nursing leaders who are empowered to address the health care needs and challenges of a rapidly changing and culturally diverse health care system within Antigua and Barbuda and the region.



Our mission is to prepare professional nurses at the undergraduate and postgraduate level who are skilled in problem-solving, are responsive to the health needs of diverse cultures, and provide high quality, safe and compassionate evidencebased care that enhances the quality of life for individuals, families, groups, and communities. Our mission will be accomplished through the delivery of nursing education programs that promote and support students’ success.


Core Values

Our core values are inherent and critical to the achievement of the vision and mission. These core values of Nursing include, but are not limited to: Professionalism, Caring, Respect, Altruism, Integrity, Veracity, Honesty, Social justice, Advocacy, Accountability, and Responsibility.



The School of Health and Behavioral Sciences seeks to provide an educational experience that will equip students with the cognitive, interpersonal, and technical skills necessary to assist clients/patients at any stage of the life cycle in meeting their health needs.



The Aim of our program is to produce competent, efficient, responsible graduates, who within the framework of the nursing process, will provide health care to individuals and families in the preventive/promotive, curative, and rehabilitative settings; while at the same time make a meaningful contribution to positive growth to the nursing profession.



B.Sc. Nursing